2017 Supras

Some of the options included are the NEW inboard motor of the year INDMAR's FORD 6.2 liter FORD RAPTOR, standard 400 lbs of torc, snap-in carpet, optional 575 Supercharge Roush motor. , Dual battery, underwater lights, subwoofer, Z5 cargo rack, transom radio remote, upgraded trailer, and many more. Give us a call for more information and pricing. Click below to learn more about these incredible motors. 

Indmar 400Ford Raptor performance

Huge pushy waves, no bow rise, superior handling even when weighted and increased interior depth make the new SC a curl carver's dream. Add the Supra Swell Surf System and watch your dreams of wake surfing reach euphoric proportions with two distinct styles of wakes, seamless VISION Touch integration, improved handling and forward visibility even when weighted and the ability to transition from port to starboard waves without moving weight or people. Beyond the performance, one look at its menacing style and intricately plush interior and you'll realize the SC is a luxury muscle car on the water. This Supra is specifically designed to deliver punishing performance along with inspired interior accommodations. Click the link below to learn more about the great ride system and technology. 

Supra TechnologySupra Ride Technology

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